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You will find it in the northwestern part of Crete just 17 kilometers from Kasteli of Kissamos and 55 kilometers and from Chania. Arriving there you will find plenty of space to park your car and then you will need to walk 15 minutes to get out of the waves.

Do not worry about the 15 minutes walking, since the view of all the way is beautiful and as the destination too!There are colors everywhere that animate the senses and a cool breeze that strikes your face will compensate you for the “hassle”.

The scenery reminds of Elafonissi, transparent and shallow waters where the wave meets the sand, blue-green at deeper waters, white sand and generally the sense of peace that the visitor feels is something that you will remember.

If you want to see something more, north of Balos, you will find the well-known cape of Gramvousa. It is the northernmost part of Crete and is characteristic of its wild beauty.

In order to get as close as possible to the Balos coast by car without having to walk much, we recommend you the Suzuki Vitara as the asphalt gives way to a dirt road a few kilometers before the end of the journey.