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Heraklion is the largest city of Crete and the island’s capital. Its history properly begins in post-Minoan times. Today it is a modern, lively town and an important economic centre. It preserves traces of its long history, and the conquerors who passed through. This, the biggest city on Crete and its capital, has a history running back for thousands of years, and still retains the old (but post-Minoan) name of Heraklion – albeit with others for some long spells.

Today Heraklion is a large modern city, cosmopolitan and busy the year round; an important economic centre with a rich cultural life.As in any big city, and in addition to the museums, attractions and other tourist draws, it is worth your while to enter into Heraklion’s rhythms of being: to saunter along the pedestrian streets of its historic centre, to lose yourself in the alleyways of the Old Town, to take your ease in thecoffee bars and raki-joints that area part of Herakliot culture.